Monday, 25 April 2011


Before we were going to S.P.C.A , our english acedemy class got a presentation .

I'm presenting about HELLO KITTY ^^
Hohoho ~ A nice memories for me today : )
We were going to S.P.C.A to help them do volunteer .
It's fun for me , but dunno my classmate also will same as get a lot of fun at there or not : )
I like puppies the most .

She name HONEY .
She was so proud  : (
I wanna to kiss her but she dun want to kiss on my mouth : (

Hohoho ~ My classmate wanna to bring her back xD
The puppies all inside the S.P.C.A were damn cute . 
I really love them : )

Finally , Honey was kissing me : )
Sweet Sweet .